Cleat Compatability?

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I have some SPD-SL pedals on my tourer and have had to replace a cleat, only one, as I unclip to the left and it takes the wear. They were a horrible price for some moulded plastic. Are there "generic" cleats available?

Also KEO cleats seem similar, will they work? My deep reluctance to part with money would be embarrassing if it were not so neccessary.
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  • fizz
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    IAlso KEO cleats seem similar, will they work?.

    No they wont work, you need the SPL-SL cleats.
  • John.T
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    You must unclip a lot. One of my sets is at least 4 years old and another only needed replacing after walking about a K in them. They still clipped in ok but the yellow bits were done for.
    You could always swap them over to equalise the wear.
  • John.T, I did not mention how long I had used the cleats as I hate to boast. Actually they are 25years old, which is why I only replaced the one. They were made for me, personally, by Mr & Mrs Shimano using special material grown in their personal plastic groves on the lower slopes of Mount Fuji. It takes years for the plastic to reach readiness, the inner(black) core and the outer(yellow) sap plastic only achieve the right proportions in some growing seasons. There are very few sets in this country although I believe NapD has some. IIRC GregT used to have some but has been barred for reasons that the family will not dicuss.

    I am still waiting to hear about generic cleats, please.

    PS If you think that the above is far-fetched and irrelevant, try reading the posting that inspired it.
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    I don't think there are generic ones you can use.

    It's not that much for a new set, just fork it out.
  • Oh well, another good idea gone down. There must be a business opportunity there? Thanks for the replies :)
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  • John.T
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    John.T, I did not mention how long I had used the cleats as I hate to boast.
    I was not boasting at all. This is just my experience of SL cleats. Others on this forum have said they do not last but to me they are longer lasting than Look which seem to have unwanted unclips when they wear. My SLs just look a bit tatty as the walking pads wear but they still clip in and out fine.
    As for generic ones I have not heard of any.