2010 Marin Eldridge grade and Rockhopper pro advice

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Thinking of a new Hardtail and been looking around thought someone might have an opinion on the above, always liked the Marin but doesnt seem to be as liked as they once were, seems like a good bike, shame about Bombers instead of Fox forks on 2010, and the bikes not too heavy fairly good spec . Rockhopper pro looks good and at least this ones available in Black not white (nothing wrong with white bikes just think the hopper doesnt suit it )
just wanted a good xc hardtail not too heavy and around £1,000, I know the Boardman is great but fancy something else


  • Marin not liked as much as they once were!?!?!? How very dare you, still producing top-bikes and still one of the big players, so go and wash your mouth out! :wink:

    Elridge Grade is a great bike. What you are paying for mostly with Marin, are the frames, some of the best out there in terms of design, weight and looks. The kit on the EG is OK, Marin fall flat on speccing their componentry, only the premium/top end models of each line get the 'All Star' treatment, their lower end specs are appalling.

    A really average build TBH, Deore hubs, Stroker Ryde brakes (not the best) X5 gearing on a £1k hardtail? Firex crankset, these are the sort of choices I would expect to get on a £500 bike, so as much as I love Marin, there are better deals to be had out there.

    Such as:
    Boardman Pro (from Halfords - but don't let that put you off)

    GT Zaskar Carbon Expert (£200 more but amazing deal - I would)
    http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/products.p ... 1b1s2p2230

    Giant XTC 0 (again,£180 over but a great spec)
    http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/products.p ... 1b4s2p3064

    Kona Kula Deluxe
    http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/products.p ... 540&z=1760

    As you can see the comparable specs are unbelievable compared to the Marin

    Can't comment on the Spesh
  • thanks I've got to keep below the £1k mark. its a shame as the spec for the 2010 EG is lower than the 09 but I really like the bike,comfortable to sit on tall enough but not a stretched out riding position like a lot of xc hardtails. Boardmans spec is awesome for the £ just not sure about buying from Halfrauds ( lousy set up Carrera from there a while ago putting me off a bit )
    Hopefully will go look at the Rockhoppers tomorrow
  • Buy the Boardman. The spec is unbeatable at the price and even if you factor in say £30 to take it to your LBS for a once over since you don't trust Halfords, then it still represents astonishing value.
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  • Dont you like the look of the GT carbon, that is a stunning bike with nearly a grands worth of frame :shock:

    Oh and here:
    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=2009+Eldridge+grade :wink:

    Cycles UK. You always have to pick up marin bikes as due to their terms and conditions you can't buy one via mail order, or rather you can but you have to pick any Marin up from the store ;)