Fulcrum Racing 1 rear hub - disassembly?

bhodgkiss Posts: 745
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Hi all,

I want to take apart a hub on a set of Fulcrum Racing 1 wheels, namely the rear hub.

Firstly, the bearing adjustment seems to be via a grub screw set perpendicular to the axle on a split nut on the non-drive side. Is this where the adjustment comes from?

Both ends of the rear axle have 5mm allen key hexes internally. Do these come undone relative to each other? or is it a one piece axle with hexes both ends (so the hexes will never rotate relative to one another?)

Then on the drive side there a nut which seems to be a left hand thread, with an arrow clockwise as you look at the hub from the drive side and marked 'undo' or similar.

I just want to check the bearing condition. Are they just cup and cone with balls on these wheels, or the pressed in sealed cartridge type?

Any help is appreciated. Wheels are around 2007 models.

Many thanks