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Hi guys wonder if anyone can help. I am new to mountain biking and would love to get to know it better. Therefore I have decided to build a bike myself from the ground up. Does anyone know which manual/book would help me the most between these.

Park Tools Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair - Volume II
Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance
Haynes The Bike Book

Thanks in advance



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    non just learn from the links below. and the makers manuals

    Ok the Zinn book is OK if you know nothing but it is very limited when it comes to new products.

    Also building a bike costs more than buying a ready built one and that is not including the cost of tools.
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  • Cheers for the reply. I know it's gonna cost more than buying a new one but I'm using this as a hobby and also to give me encouragement to do upgrades on my existing bike without bricking it before I do. Cheers for the advice

  • ooooohhhhh check this out Ragley Blue Pig Frame ... ctID=21570.

    Bit more than what I wanted to pay like
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    I bought the Park Tools book, but only because I appreciated the site so much.