Cracked FSA Team Issue Carbon Crank Arm. Pics.

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Just over three months ago I bought an FSA Team Issue Chainset from CRC. When fetling the bike yesterday I noticed some horrible looking cracking of the lacquer/carbon on the LH crank arm.

Bike has not been used particularly hard and I'm shocked at what's happened. The cracking goes right around the top of the arm, in a sort of flower shape. Anybody seen anything like this before?

I'll be sending it back to CRC!



  • keef66
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    Nice photography.

    That looks like it's about to fail catastrophically! Do let us know how you get on with CRC
  • oooh thats dead goodluck with the return
  • DEO2K
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    Yup! same thing happened to me LH crank arm is cracked. Obviously the carbon has debonded and it is now simply a mechanical resistance due the spline which is holding it all together. Could be nasty if it falls apart out on the road. Also purchased from CRC.
    Just to gauge my approach to this- how did you get on with CRC?
  • carbonfiend
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    my mate has had untold issues with carbon FSA cranks had to replace 3 sets all included cracks, cranks falling off and thread coming out. I have also heard a rumour about a certain uk bike manufacturer in litigation with FSA coz of failing cranks. Basically from what I have seen and heard I'm sorry to say IMO they are total shite and have to say dangerous
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    a step too far with carbon i think.