Replace old single pivot callipers with modern dual pivot?

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I currently have an old (guessing 1980s) and knackered(ish) steel-framed "Phillips" road bike that I use for commuting. Probably the most imminently dangerous thing wrong with it is the brakes: they're old single pivot callipers which rub constantly on the rims, and completely fail to slow me down in any meaningful sense, no matter how well they are adjusted.

I also have a 2009 Trek 1.5, which came with some completely unbranded but decent enough dual pivot callipers. My masterplan therefore is:

Buy a set of these: ... elID=13602 for my Trek.
Put the brakes off the Trek onto the Phillips.

Two questions then, I guess:
1) Will the 105s be okay to just stick on the Trek?
2) Will the Trek brakes be okay on the Phillips - in terms of mounting them, and also taking into account the fact that the brake levers are very old and primative.

I can supply pictures if it'll help.



  • If the old bike has proper mudguards, you may need long reach calipers (57 mm). I put some new 57 mm Shimano calipers on the front of my '87 Raleigh Keloggs Pro Tour.
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    You may also need to get brakes with a long mounting spindle and a nut fitting or drill the fram out to fit the allen nuts of the old brakes.