Crossmarks as front tyre for marathon racing, good or bad ?

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Loads of people are using Crossmarks for a rear tyre. I was going to get a pair for XC marathon duties, I was drawn to the 2.1 Crossmarks because of their reports of them being fast tyres. But I hear differing reports of their grip as a front tyre. I run Racekings on my race/marathon hardtail bike in the dry months which are great and super quick, but was just after a less minmalistic tread tyre for the spring months when trail conditions can be mixed. I tend to prioritise minimal rolling resistance and reliability over pretty much everything, so I am not expecting miracles grip wise (I run high rollers on my Trail bike, so I am not expecting any lightweight fast XC race tyre to stick like that),
but equally dont want to find myself running a scary front tyre !! Of all the tyres i have read up on, the Crossmark seems to have the widest ranging opinions on grip. Some saying great XC all rounders, and other reviews saying "lethal"


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    You've pretty much summed it up. A CrossMark on the rear teamed with a High Roller XC on the front is a great combo for buff, dry trail centres but you would have to be very sure of dry & smooth terrain to run a CrossMark up front. Very fast though in those conditions.
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    I rode the 2008 Trans Wales on Crossmarks so had a wide range of conditions including LOTS of wet conditions. Overall I found them surprisingly grippy given they are designed primarily for dry stuff. They are not great in thick proper mud though! Then again not a lot is.
    FWIW I've just ordered another set.