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Hi All

Has anyone got or used these Neoguard things instead of mud guards? I have read a few reviews that said they work really well but they don't look like they would. I need something now as i'm tired of getting mud and grit in my face but I hate the look of mud guards.


  • Not tried a Neoguard thing. But I use a bender fender from Muckynutz.

    That does the trick nicely, and dosent look like a mudguard. You can see it in my sig (it's the one strapped to the forks not the crud one fastened to the down tube).

    £8 and available in clear or black.

    Has the added bonus of keeping junk out of the steerer tube too.
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    depends on the conditions and terrain.

    Absolutely useless for certain type of conditions where liquid overspray flies back over from the furthest part of the front tyre.

    So basically. YMMV.
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    I had a neoguard on on my rockhopper ('05 or 06) which I found was great for stopping spray coming off the front of the tyre and up into your face but I never got to try it out in muddy conditions. However I had to take it off when I changed tyres as the new tyre was dragging on the bottom of the neoguard. If you do decide to get one make sure you have about 10-15mm clearance between the fork brace and the tyre or you'll have clearance issues.
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    Great for keeping mud spray off your face.
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    I've got one paired with a downtube mounted crudcatcher, it's a very good combo.

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    If you really don't want a proper mudguard, one of these plus a crudcatcher is a good option. But you're better just getting a crown-mounted guard, like a shockboard, more effective and less ugly.
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    You're saying one of these:

    Is LESS ugly than a neoguard/crudcatcher :shock: Those shockboards make a bike look like one of those cheapo bike-made-to-look-like-a-motorbike jobs from Argos :D
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    Damn right I am. Though, obviously not the fake carbon one, that's hideous. But the shockboard's slimmer than a crudcatcher, and far less visible from the side. And the less said about the looks of the RRP the better tbh, it's a practical solution but a horrible one.
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    Much narrower and much less visible from the side or front than a crudcatcher. And those RRP guards are pretty much just an exercise in goofy looking, it's like attaching curtains to your forks. And all for a less good result.

    Obviously I'll make a special exception for that fake carbon fibre shockboard, which is horrendous.
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    I'd go for this combo

    Seriously though the Neoguard does its job and i've just bought a crudcatcher to go with it.
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    ibbo68 wrote:
    Seriously though the Neoguard does its job and i've just bought a crudcatcher to go with it.

    If it did I'd still be using it. But it didn't. So I don't anymore.

    It was fine for certain things but lousy at liquid sheepsh!t off the front tyre catching (tread plays a big part in severity I've found).

    But then why would it work?? It's obviously not even positioned in the right place to give cover from front end of front tyre overspray.
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    I think part of the problem with people relying on this and nothing else comes down to the tyre and frame combo. With fat down tube and thinner tyres, spary that comes back and up is blocked, leaving only the stuff that is being thrown forward to be caught. But if the tyre is wider than the downtube, then you will get spray coming up as well, unless you have soemthign to stop this - eg crudcatcher or whatever.

    That's my theory anyway!
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  • I have nothing to stop the muck on the front of my bikes, My Cube has a fairly chunky downtube so that takes care of the flicked up crhap.
    I only notice the spray from over the front of the wheel when it comes up from alot further forward than a Neoguard would protect. If you stand sideways to the bike its kinda at the 2 oClock position that it sprays up from and short of full guards i cant see how to stop it spraying up into my face.
    The worst of it was when getting to and from the trails with all the salty gritty slush recently. I either covered my face or didnt inhale deeply and always through gritted teeth.

    Taking into account my findings it maybe that I dont go fast enough to be affected on the trail.

    How much help that was i dont know, but i dont go mountain biking to stay clean, yet i try to miss Dog, Horse, Cow, Rabbit and Sheep poo.
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  • Mucky Nutz Bender Fender (this is with some biiiig 2.5 Muddy Mary DH tyres on a set of Marzocchi 66s):





    Been using this for a couple of months now and been out in some really REALLY bad stuff. I come home absolutely filthy apart from my face which is nice and cack free.
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    bails87 wrote:
    I've got one paired with a downtube mounted crudcatcher, it's a very good combo.

    And there's something growing on the back of the Neoguard...