Pro-lite luciano

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Just brought a set of Pro-lite Luciano's and had a bugger of a job getting my Conti GP4000s to fit had to resort to tyre levers and a lot of swearing anyone else had this problem and what tyre manufactor did you swop to?


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    I have GP 4000s on my Lucianos too, didn't seem a problem to get them on though. I did have to use tyre levers, no fitting them by hand with them, but they did go on easy enough. I have big muscles though :lol:
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    I have Pro-lite Stelvios, and Conti GP 4000S, I put some talc inside the tyre, rub it round the bead and it makes fitting so much easier as it reduces the friction.

    If the tyres are brand new, you will find they get easier to fit after taking them off and putting them on a few times.

    Other tip is to put the tyres some where warm before fitting them, e.g. an airing cupboard.