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130mm Fork on 100mm Full Susser

woodchips69woodchips69 Posts: 82
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Bought an new Iron Horse Bootleg frame a few weeks ago and swapped over my components from my old frame. Had to buy a new front mech and new seatpost, but everything else went over no problems.
My only issue is that the fork I swapped over is a 130mm R/Shox Revelation and the frame is 100mm. I could drop the fork down to 115mm by swapping some spacers, but at the moment I've got it set with about 30% sag and the stem flipped.
I've rode it a couple of times and it felt alright (although its currently going nowhere at moment until I change the shitty standard headset it came with, which lasted 2 snowy commutes and 1 Gisburn Forest ride!). My previous frame was a Specialized Sworks Enduro 2003, so I'm more used to slightly longer travel bikes.
My question is, will it be worth dropping the travel to 115mm (which is still 15mm longer than the fork the standard bike comes with) to get a sharper handling bike?
Answers especially welcome from other Bootleg owners.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Only you can answer that - what feels best?

    But check the warranty covers longer travel bikes.

    I shall move this to the MTB section.
  • boomdockerboomdocker Posts: 120

    i've just bought a bootleg from crc (50% off :D ) and plan on doing exactly the same, with the same fork.

    interested to hear how it worked out for you?
  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
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    Why are MTB economics; spend twice as much as you intended, but only half as much as you wish you could afford? :roll:
  • boomdockerboomdocker Posts: 120
    yes i have, but the bootleg is not on that list
  • Bike actually rides very well with 130mm up front, but i do ride it with a lot of sag and use the motion control dial to keep it in check on the ups and flat.
    However, i have noticed the rear is very flexy.
    Check my other post out:- ... highlight=

    How do you find the swingarm flex?
    2008 Giant Trance (own build)
    1996 Marin Mount Vision (from new)
    Ribble Carbon Sportive
    Dawes rigid hardtail (commuter)
  • boomdockerboomdocker Posts: 120
    haven't built it up yet, but will report back when I do.

    sounds a bit odd re your rear flex. I bought the frame really on the basis of the bikeradar review, which was a 4/5 for the 3.0 (same frame) iirc.
  • boomdockerboomdocker Posts: 120
    ok so here goes:

    don't feel any flex in the rear. however this is a lightweight xc frame and i could see how it could be flexy depending on your size/weight/riding style.

    first impressions are I really like it - very sharp handling, making it feel like an agile bike. climbs well and i would say its at its best on tight twisty singletrack.

    some issues though for those buying the full bike:

    there was a little play in the upper shock bushing which needless to say didn't impress me. easy to sort though.
    the fork is a tora 302 coil as opposed to the advertised tora air
    there is no bottle cage mount except under the downtube, which is as much use as a hole in a bucket

    i am happy enough as all i was interested in was the frame and it builds into a nice lightweight xc full-susser

    don't think i'd be impressed with the bike as bought though. components are cheap (x5) bottom bracket and chainset are complete rubbish. wheels are average and i suppose the fork is reasonable
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