Assembling a bike from scratch - First Draft

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Hey guys im putting together my first serious street/jump bike, and I've drafted a list of things I'm hoping to buy; budget is looking like about 700 for everything (ex. bolts and bits). Feel free to suggest alternatives/comment on my choices!

DMR Transition 26" Frame
NS Bikes Fundamental forks
Funn Full Bore Handlebar w/65mm rise
FSA Pig Headset
BeOne 6061 StemDMR LOCDD Grips w/flange
Halo Tornado factory set-up wheels
Funn Hooka MX chainset single speed
Schwalbe Crazy Bob Sport Tyres
Da Bomb Napalm Bomb Pedals
Avid single digit 5 rear V brake
Avid Speed Dial 3 Brake Lever
Spank Tweet tweet single speed chain
BeOne Ultralight 2 bolt seatpost
Revell Bikes Dirt saddle

Thanks a bunch!


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    that's a pretty good kit list there! transitions are good enough frames, though if you're buying new, i'd say go with an NS traffic or even one of last years suburbans on chain reaction (reduced down to £200! get it quick!), suburbans are great frames, stronger than DMR and better geo.

    forks - good, i have some of those on order as we speal

    stem - bit ugly IMO but that's your call

    wheels - got a tornado rear wheel (still need to buy the matching front) and can't reccommend it enough

    headset - FSA pig is always good

    pedals - not tried da bomb ones but dmr v8's are very good, and so are the wellgo copies, at only £10 on CRC they're all you need, grip-wise

    brake - you can get avid juicies or BB7's for £50 or so, get the NS suburban and spend the extra money on a disc brake, well worth it.

    so yeah, sounds good and don't forget to post pics of the build in the "your mountain bikes" section!
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  • thanks for the advice!

    Will certainly take it into account.
  • albo
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    Yeah I agree with ILOVEDIRT,

    I have had tornado's for 3 years now, perfect.
    Have you had a look at the DMR V8's? Also had them for nearly 3 years!
    Pig headset - very reliable - most my friends run them.

    also with the brakes - V's would rub off the nice shiny tornado's paint! I would recommend Disks :)

    Have you had a look at suspension forks? It would make your bike so much more versatile - something like a RockShox Pike?

    Looks to be a sweet build though man! Good luck! :D
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    yeah that's a point, V's would rub the paint off the rims! (still get tornados anyway, IMO the best DJ/park wheels you can get at that price)

    oh yeah and those DMR grips are good too, but the end caps wear down really fast if you bail a lot on concrete/tarmac like i do! Also i broke one of them because the lock collar things are only plastic, and on a particularly hard bail, the grip sorta shifted along the bar and the plastic around the grub screws snapped.. if that makes sense. they do lock on really well though, but i'm thinking of moving to some flanged BMX grips.
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