Dura Ace front mech needs adjustment

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Hi Guys

I have a new road bike with Dura Ace groupset, though it's about 2007 model. The bike arrived and everything seems great apart from the front mech shifting.

It's fine when shifting to the smaller ring but shifting up to the larger one requires me to put quite a bit of force on the shifter to it's full deflection and hold it there for a few turns of the crank before it engages.

I'm wondering if this is as it should be, or should it shift easier than this. If so, any advice (or links to tutorials) on how to adjust would be great.


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    Have you ridden the bike much ? It may just be that the cable needs a little tensioning as wires do stretch initially when riding a new bike.
  • sludd
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    First and only ride so far was yesterday, for 3-4 miles. Hadn't been able to get out because of the snow/ice.

    So basically, it was like this when apparently adjusted by Winstanley's prior to shipping. At first I thought it wouldn't shift up at all, till I pretty much forced the shifter all the way to it's maximum for 2/3 turns of the crankset
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    The cause of your problem could be caused by one or two things, or a combination of things.

    Check the mech height, alignment, outer limit screw and cable tension. There's a good guide here: http://www.parktool.com/repair/readhowto.asp?id=75

    Don't over-tension the cable, if it's difficult to push-up the lever it is probably too tight - loosen off, check other settings & re-try.
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    You do need to push the lever further than for the rear mech and because the cranks are turning much slower than the sprockets it takes longer to change. It does take a firmer push as well. Check the adjustments as shown on the ParkTools link. If it is no better then you may have to get used to it. You do need to hold the lever across at least until the change has started