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help me decide wether or not to spend my paypal funds!!!

allthegearnoideaallthegearnoidea Posts: 4,077
edited January 2010 in MTB buying advice
right, have just over 20 in the paypal account from selling some odds and ends, now have some options, but not sure if or what to go for!! help!!!!

do i
A, Waterprrof socks (army surplus), spare disc pads, new spoke key,
B, 180mm rotor and adapter to convert rear to 180 to match front,
C, Blingy gold gear cable's
D, Be sensible and leave it there and buy nothing????

you know how it is when its sat there in you rpaypal and you Really want to spend it but know you shouldnt!!!

really struggliong with A,B & D now loL!

help please!!!!
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Help me decide! 0 votes

New brake pads, spoke key & waterproof socks
0% 0 votes
180mm rotor and adaptor for 180 f&r instead of 180/160
0% 0 votes
Blingy gold Cables??
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