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giant or spesh?

Jamie OJamie O Posts: 23
edited January 2010 in MTB buying advice
Ok then, scrap my previous steel hardtail build threads :oops: (my bad) :oops: ,

i just want your opinion on this one,

spesh stumpjumper fsr comp (elite maybe) 2010


2009 giant reign 0.

both the spesh's are more expensive, as you can get the giant for £1600 of pauls cycles, and the giants spec is better IMO than the spesh's


everyone i know who has a spesh stumpy fsr say there uber awsome (one actually ditched his whyte full sus for one). plus i think it would suit my riding a lot better (xc, trail centres, all day epics and all that), but i just can't ignor the spec on that giant...

also, 6 inches is a little OTT for my needs, and as i'm 6ft 2, i'll probably be looking at a large frame size, so the giant will end up weighing a bomb :!: .

:?: ideas :?:
Non believer - "i don't see why you spent all that money on a push bike... you could have got one from halfords."

Me - "aarrrgggghhhh! (attack non believer with inner tube)


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Both totally different bikes for different riding

    Giant Trance X would be a better comparison to the Spesh

    But get the one that fits you & the riding you do best
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