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Mud Guards

dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
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I've read quite a few of the reviews but would also like to know what users think. I own a 29er which might complicate things a little. What front and rear guards are recommended? Looking outside today, these are things I probably need quite urgently as though I don't mind getting muddy, I don't want to when I'm riding along muddy paths to see friends, go to shops etc.
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  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    Depends what level of coverage you're looking for and your taste. Usually a Crud race guard for the rear and opinion is divided on the front. If you want full coverage then the SKS Shockboard or similar design stops liquid cow/sheep sh!t overspray that the other designs don't stop but you might not need that. So a Down tube type guard might fit the bill, like the crud catcher. Other front designs designs are available, like the NeoGuard type design. All have varying degrees of success / fans. Much depends on where and what you encounter on a ride.
  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    I think I'd read the Crud Race and SKS Shockboar combination before. I'll probabyl go for that as the SKS looks ok in my opinion as it only has a small overhang.


    (I've just done a quick inventory to check what I have bought so far and what I still need and have spent over £250 over and above the cost of the bike already - ouch!)
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  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    I just called my local Evans to check stock and prices and they have them but the guy said I should also consider the Topeak Defender as though slightly more expensive, he believe they are better and look nicer. Any views?
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  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    It's an option - he's a salesman ;)

    what he won't tell you is the natural flex in the Shockboard means it can take an impact and bounce and the Topeak is more likely to break being 'firmer'.

    As for looks, you've got the eyes and you're buying.
  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    Very true and I am well aware of salesmen. That said, you do occasionally get some or are genuinely helpful.
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  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    Just had time to check the user reviews on here and they're not good. Other reviews I've seen are though.
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  • SKS Beavertails ought to fit for ~£13 at CRC or alike. Work a treat on both my Pylon8 and Tricross Singlecross (26" and 28" wheels),
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  • I've got the Crud fast fender and like it a, easy to fit and stop all over spray. ... elID=39951
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,714
    Hy gf has the Topeak defender, and I have the shockboard.

    IMHO the topeak has a more 'wannabee' trials bike look about it, and the shockboard looks more functional.

    Also I always end up cleaner at the end of rides, which is not conclusive proof, but as we ride the same trails, then in my mind it suggests the shockboard is a more effective front mudguard.

    As I say this not proof, but I can only go by what I see :-)


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  • Not a fan of the Fast fender type looks personally.

    Bagged myself a Muckynutz censored Fender which in my opinion looks better than it's rivals, works well at stopping that overspray that ends up in your face and at £7 is nice and cheap too.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    I still can't work out what the point of the Fast Fender is, it's even more visible than a shockboard or similiar but less effective. Fair enough if you've got a fork that can't take a stem mount guard but for everyone else, a shockboard or equivalent, or a THE fender if you want something bigger, is just better.

    i think Crud just wanted to make a front guard that they could say is compatible with their tube guards, rather than making one product that does 2 jobs. I guess that'd be too much like admitting after all these years that actually downtube guards are rubbish :lol:

    I love my shockboard, but I've finally killed it- it was tough on the trails but I parked a motorbike on it :oops: So I'm trying other stuff before I get another, just now I've fitted a muckynuts censored fender, which tbh isn't close to as good but then it weighs nothing and it's barely visible. Kind of cool.
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  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    The only problem I've got with the muckynuts censored fender is it hasn't got a prayer of catching outer edge tyre flick back - which if you use tyre treads that produce that type of effect you might as well not bother.
  • dan1502dan1502 Posts: 568
    Oh well I ended up buying the topeak defender M1/M2 set as they had them in stock and seem to be fine with my 29er and looked better than the SKS. I managed to get Evans to price match the cheapest online price I could find them at in the limited time I had and they've agreed to price match a silly price i found for a helmet and order it in the colour I want. I just need to give them the web address which I didn't have with me.

    Thanks guys, I'm now off for a quick ride before it's too dark as my lights haven't arrived yet
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