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Can I repair my damaged Carbon fibre chain stay ?



  • gezzzagezzza Posts: 324
    To be honest you can repair it, BUT it will never be as strong or safe as it was from new

    i would start saving for a new frame
  • Sorry, I didn't mean to be a killjoy. I hope it works out, I'm sure we can all relate to wanting to fix something expensive that appears to be fooked. I just remember tha ttime when Todd was getting his sight back and was dating Phoebe and he didn't tell her when he could see. Then he got hit by a car, so as we can all see, it's worth being cautious.

    Did you feel any difference in ride before you noticed the worn section? Are you going to add a 'sacrificial' layer on the other c-stay to prevent this happening on the other side?
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    No problem.
    No difference in ride, stiffness or anything.
    If I hadn't noticed it when cleaning I wouldn't have known anything about it.
    I think I have caught it just about early enough.

    The simple truth is I HAVE to fix it as I simply can't afford to replace the frame or buy a new bike at the moment.

    The only other option if it fails is to strip the bike down and sell the parts. Would get decent money as it's all XT groupset, hope brakes etc etc

    I will repair and ride, if it breaks it breaks :roll:
    I ride therefore I am
  • I'm interested in seeing how this turns out, as I've a similar job to do that I've been avoiding for ages.

    I found this site kinda helpfull
    I love my mountainbikes.....Obviously !!
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    I read this page too.
    I will take some stage photos and post them up so everyone can see. I will be doing it over this coming weekend. :shock:
    I ride therefore I am
  • sascossascos Posts: 100
    message removed
  • Well? Did you get it repaired yet?
    I love my mountainbikes.....Obviously !!
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