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change of fork on 08 spesh enduro- will it work?

kelrusokelruso Posts: 42
edited January 2010 in MTB general
i need some advice, any comments on my dilema...

i have a spesh 08 enduro and am finding that i am doing more XC than AM riding at the moment and probably will be this year.

i have the pro carbon version so the frame is relatively light for this kind of bike, its got good kit on it, sram x9/x0, xt etc that i like.

the problem is the e150 fork, it is great and really plush but its heavy, and i dont need the 6" of travel.

if i changed it for a fox 120 or rockshox reba race ( or similar) would it work with the geometry of the bike? i would also get a thomson stem and some carbon bars ( ec 90).

i want to make it lighter and more agile for xc riding.

any thoughts/suggestions welcome?


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