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Hazards on the 100 mile Cheshire Cat?

macondo01macondo01 Posts: 706
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I am doing my first century ride, the Cheshire Cat on March 28th. I want to get round safely. Can anyone who has done the route point out any hazards to watch out for. For one thing I won't be going crazy down the hills.
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  • have a read of this one, go to page 3 ... t=lamaload

    I am also a reluctant descender and it wasn't too bad last year apart from Lamaload where it is a bit too narrow for people to overtake you easily, although they have changed the route so I'm not sure if it is on this years version.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    Ride relaxed especially at the start... you will be riding with many on the road initially.
    So pay heed to any rider signs of obstacles, pot holes etc... learn those signs yourself so that you can also give warnings to following riders.
    Any road junction with a right turn, dont take undue risks... unclip and stop if need be.
    A shouted clear also helps.
    Try not to stop dead for any reason other than life threatening situations and not just you fancy having a nibble on your raison bar... you can bet your bottom dollar someone will be on your wheel and they'll pile into you.
    After 1/2 way you'll hopefully be in tune and have found a small informal group to share a bit of the work... I ended up with a few on my wheel last year dragging them to the finish.... but I didnt mind.. as I did get a nice thank you for it afterwards.
    On the course itself.... Mow Cop tends to be a bit of a pantomime... the locals enjoy it.
    The climb out of Danebridge will test you.. plenty seem to dismount and if you have to walk it, then give lots of clearance and attention to riders still riding!
    As a favour to yourself, study the route map and have a list of key points in yur pocket... just in case the course signage has gone tits up.
    This is a ride on busy Cheshire 'open roads'... thats the only 'hazard' you should have first and foremost in your head.
  • macondo01macondo01 Posts: 706
    Thanks Langbar and JGSI for your helpful posts
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  • moolarbmoolarb Posts: 83
    I'm pretty sure Lamaload isn't on the route this year (thank god) - I'd say it's 20% at least. I've been up and down it loads on my MTB but wouldn't fancy it on a road bike without granny ring or disk brakes. I've hit 45mph coming down it just before that tight turn at the bottom :shock:

    Mind you, Mow Cop is still on the route and that tops 25% on the short steep bit but at least you're going up so you can get off and walk if need be.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    It is a different route to the last two years - but there was nothing hazardous around. Yes there were some steep hills and bends but nothing bad - and they did have some warnings out.

    My advice would be to ride as much as you can and be as fit as you can for the challenge - then you will be less tired and more prepared for the ride.
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Lamaload isn't on the route this year, which was the only serious hazard last year.

    There are only three proper hills this year - Mow Cop, the section from Congleton up to the Bridestones, plus Danebridge/Wincle : KiloToGo massively over-hype Mow Cop as a killer climb but it's fine if you take it steady, the Bridestones section isn't bad, the worst is Wincle...

    No dangerous descents - dropping down to Congleton after Mow Cop could be dangerous if you approached it at silly-speeds, but that's your choice !

    I didn't think a lot of KiloToGo's hazard warning signs though - they don't put signs out warning of sharp bends, blind junctions, etc and there were a few places I thought they would have been useful last year, for a sportive with 1000+ entries and many newbies.

    The course should be pretty good for a first Century, as all the hills are over with after 35miles and it's then a nice cruise in the Cheshire countryside.
  • macondo01macondo01 Posts: 706
    I am relieved to know that Lamaload isnt on the route this year. Phew.
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