mavic 717 rims

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anybody running bigger tyres than the 2.1 recommended on mavics website, currently running nobby nics 2.1, but am wanting a bigger tyre to put on my hardtail to give a bit more cushioning, any recommendations


  • supersonic
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    It actually says 2.3 on the rim sticker lol.

    But not all 2.3 are the same. My Conti Speedkings and Vertiacls in 2.3 were fine.
  • lawman
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    my 2.25 intense system4's are fine and have used 2.2 michelins on them with no probs either
  • so it does, are mavic numpty's,
  • lawman
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    yer mavic are numptys. in fairness dispite the fact they say xc on them, they have lasted really well considering i ride pretty hard and im really impressed with them so far, having them for 3 years. if they came in white they would be my perfect rim
  • RichMTB
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    I ran 2.25 Cinders without any issues, they are pretty tough rims for their weight
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  • xtreem
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    A mate runs Highrollers 2.35" with no problems, but on his XM117's.
    But the internal width is the same, 17mm.
  • joshtp
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    my mate runs 2.5 big betty's on his. massive tyre, no probs.....
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  • Northwind
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    so it does, are mavic numpty's,

    Personally I think they do that to try and get some product differentiation into the line and encourage people to use 719s...

    I've used up to 2.35s (real size 2.35s, not pretend ones) and they're absolutely fine, they ride the same as they do on my wider Traversees. I understand why people think it won't work well but in my experience there's really no drawback.
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  • El Capitano
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    I've used 2.3 Verticals on 717's without any problem. Fantastic rims, been riding them for about 4 years now, still true.