Braze on disk mounts for my 99 Clockwork or new steel frame?

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Hey there everyone. Hoping for some opinions on this one.

I'm torn between getting disk mounts brazed onto my old and well loved Orange Clockwork, or buying a new steel frame.

Braze on disk mounts will cost about £90, but an On-One 456 frame can be purchased for about £140.

To suit my riding style I've fitted Fox forks set to 100mm travel, which seems to work OK, but the BB is a bit high, and the angles look a bit slack on paper (66 head, 70 seat)

I really love my old Orange, but maybe a modern frame designed for longer travel forks would make more sense? I gotta do something cos I'm starting to really hate V-Brakes.

heres a picture of the old Orange to help



  • head over to

    If you want to you can sell your frame there, they are into the whole Orange retro thing :)

    Then put that towards a new frame :)
  • head over to

    Nice one, thanks for the link.

    I think I'll post something there to try and get a feel for what the frame might be worth.

    I must admit if I could raise a good percentage towards a Cotic Soul frame it would be an easier choice to make :D
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    also have a look at the A2Z adaptor.

    See the FAQs for more info.
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  • I had a local builder braze on a disc mount to my 98 norco nitro. $40 I stirpped the paint myself and repainted it when it came back. A good deal at the time and in retrospect I probably would have rather put the money to a contemporary frame.
  • Yeah, I looked at the A2Z adaptors. I didn't think they looked like a very satisfactory solution, and I wasn't convinced they would work with the Clockwork frame anyway, as there isn't very much flat area around the dropout.

    So the vote seems to be for a new frame then.

    Kinda sad, but I guess it makes sense. I think I've convinced myself that an On-One 456 would be a downgrade though, so need to raise some funds towards a Cotic Soul

    thanks for the input