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Mad Max
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After reading the review in this weeks mag i have decided to change my bars on my Meta 55. At the moment my hands are a off the ends of the bars and i feel they are a little short. Could anyone recommend a longer bar of similar rise but a bit longer.
I would also prefer it to be able to take the knocks but be light as my riding has become more aggressive.
I have had a look around but there are lots out there and i am lost. :oops:

Thanks for any help.


  • bomberesque
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    Budget and width of your current bars?

    Easton Monkeylite CNT have a DH version which should be light and strong enough but they're usually around 100 GBP.....
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  • mrfmilo
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    I'd go for one of these: Easton EA30, EA50, EA70

    Cheap (depending on which you get), strong, not super light but not too heavy, and i personally like the position of them .
  • xtreem
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    Truvativ Holzfeller
    30 or 50mm rise
    700mm wide
    Black or white
  • Mad Max
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    Thanks for the info.

    The bars are standard fitted Commencal 1.5" 6061 DB oversize.
  • JamesBrckmn
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    Fsa gravity lite are very good - 260grams, oversize, 680mm long, normal rrp £80, on one sale, £20 ... CGRCW.html
    I really like them. feel nice, look good, quite light, strong enough for freeride.
  • yoohoo999
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    Last couple of bars that I have bought have been the wide EA70 with a low rise.

    Great bars for not too much cash. Think mine were around £40-£50?
  • GHill
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    Mad Max wrote:
    Thanks for the info.

    The bars are standard fitted Commencal 1.5" 6061 DB oversize.

    What width are they?
  • Mad Max
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    They are 665mm.

  • lappymatt
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    ive got helbent carbon bars on my meta55, they're very light and very wide (660mm) but dont know about strength?
  • covelove
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    have alook at the funn range, i ride the fatboys which are wide at 710mm and super strong and weigh in at 377 which is maybe a bit on the heavy side but for around £40 they are good stuff!
    would also recommend the monkeylite bars as a close second :)
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  • richg1979
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    sunline v-ones. various widths and rises and lots of colours and strong as hell.