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Hi all well am trying to get back into xc mtbing just wanting some advice on wat you reccomend either new or second hand descent bike for upto £500 wat should I go for front suspension or full suspension bike? any one selling a descent setup for begginer any advice much appreciated cheers


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    hi and welcome to the forums.

    There's some good advice in the 'sticky' threads in the beginners section.

    You won't get much full ssuspension bike for 500... unless 2nd hand. But I'd be wary buying 2nd hand unless you have a mate who knows what to look out for.... or the bike obviously hadn't been ridden much. A mate got given a old Giant full suss that initially looked ok but needed 400 spending on it... so it was binned.

    Most on here would recommend the Carrera Fury from Halfords ... yId_165499

    Or Decathlon rockrider
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  • ah I have seen a lot of feedback about them furys lyk just was a bit caustious them coming from halfords and not a bike specialist cheers for the advice m8
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    Halfords sell some great bikes - the Carreras, GTs and Boardmans are all good value, but their service and technical ability often comes in for a fair bit of stick. It just depends who you deal with - try to go during weekdays and you'll hopefully get the more capable full time staff.
  • I too was looking for a bike in your budget. I looked at the halford bikes, that have been mention, & was put off by poor reveiws about there technical ability and support. I took a trip down to Merlin cycles in Chorley. I was impress will there bikes & the service they offered. Purchase a Malt 1, just waiting for it to be built for me to collect it. They have some good deals on, with the ability to customize your bike to your own spec. Worth having a look on there website.
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    +1 for the rockrider. very good spec and lighweight for the price
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    well halfords are one of the biggest bike sellers in the country so their never going to have the best mechanics at everyshop
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    a quick tip about halfords, if you have more than one branch go look at few of them.
    2 that are close to me in derby where less than usless, unhelpful staff, poor stock,poor display range.
    another branch 14 miles away in chillwell where like a different shop, had displays of the full range just about,more then helpful staff, no problems with the bike.
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    I've got a 2007 Scott Genius MC50 if you're interested for around £500
    email me if you want more info
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