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Bianchi or Boardaman comp bike help please

LeeStiltonLeeStilton Posts: 26
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hi there

i am a newbie got a mtb and looking for a road bike i have a 100 mile bike ride planned for june and need a bike to train and do the event on.

i have been looking for a bianchi however i have seen quite a lot of people talking about the boardman bikes the only down side to these i feel is having to speak to a spoty teenager in halfords (bad past experience in halfords)

obviously ppl are buying bikes from there but i want to deal with a lbs to get get correctly measured up and experienced advice.

help please any help is gratefuly recieved.



  • Stuy-bStuy-b Posts: 248
    hey where are you from?
    i work at a halfords and would be more than happy to speak to you about the boardman if you want to speak to somone who knows about bikes rarther than a kid (like you find at MOST halfords).
    P.M me with any Q's you have and il help you out
  • just go into halfords, and ask to speak to the member of staff who has been sent on the boardman training course. That i believe at least one member of each boardman store has to go on every year.
    The guy at my halfords who went on this, is pretty sorted and knows his stuff. Personally id steer clear of bianchi unless you're spending a fair bit of money. I think the Via nirone, has sora stuff, boardman as 105/tiagra watered down mix. which in the long run and over long rides will seem sooo much better, even if the name doesnt have as much heritage behind it as a brand. but as a person? you cant argue with good ol' chris b!
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  • sicknotesicknote Posts: 901
    Also if you say where you live, people can tell you which ones are good whee you live.
  • true i live in Peterborough

    just been to my lbs and fell in love with the bianchi via nirone 7 alu campagnolo xenon mix

    the only trouble no one has a 63 cm frame as there was a fire at bianchi any ideas anyone?

    next thing pedals help
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    I'd go for the Boardman Comp, but then again I have one, so my opinion may be a little biased. :D
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  • zedderszedders Posts: 509
    skyd0g wrote:
    I'd go for the Boardman Comp, but then again I have one, so my opinion may be a little biased. :D

    I'd go for the Bianchi, but then again I have one, so my opinion may be a litle biased. :D

    Consider who will give you the best customer service if things go wrong? That could be Halfords? :lol: Or it could be your LBS? :?

    Can you not ride both and then just pick the one you like the best??
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  • I'd go with the Bianchi... again I have one! I got the Via Nirone 7, only Sora but that's what my budget could afford at the time; and I'll be upgrading components later in the year. But the Sora is doing fine, and have had the bike since August 09 and ridden pretty much all the time since.
  • The Via Nirone that I was looking at was Campag Xenon equipped...

    Maybe test the Boardman, if its not to your liking, test the Bianchi at a LBS or get it from Wiggle where they have a 7 day test policy.
  • raymcraymc Posts: 38
    Got to be the Bianchi, and yes I do have one, the Infinito. 8)

    again agree with the LBS route- have a look at Epic Cycles website, not too far from you
    and excellent service.
  • Thanks for all the surgestions i have placed an order for the bianchi del time is end f March :( . however i need to think about pedals another mine field to open up, again help me please.

  • MossriderMossrider Posts: 226

    You're probably used to SPD's - use them for a while until you're used to the bike. I use them all the time on my winter bike / commuter as they're easier to maintain and quicker to get in to at the lights. I then traded up to look keos for my other "summer bike."

    Good choice on the Bianchi. I bought an SL3 (discontinued) 5 years ago and love it - I have the cash put by to upgrade to a full carbon bike but can't bear to let it go (rides well and I've even had pedestrians compliment me on it's looks). Oh well another summer season on the Bianchi beckons....
  • Thanks i have had no experience on pedals at all as i use flats. i plan on putting pedals on my mtb while waiting for my bianch to turn up, its going to be a long wait:(

  • paulc33paulc33 Posts: 254
    i would get a bianchi as well.....but then i ride one lol

    i have a coast 2 coast via nirone ultegra..... very good spec bike and so comfortable to ride!
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  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    As much as I like bianchi, I have a boardman. Only thing I dislike about bianchi's is usually their spec as you seem to be paying excess just for the frame name.
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