How much do Sora/Tiagra weigh?

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not too interested in tiagra. Just wanna know how much sora weighs. (9 soeed)

they are not included here ... ights.html

i want to know because my mates got sora on a wicked light frame but it weighs more than an elephant even without wheels and bars. apparently its "becoz itz winter innit". im buying his frame in a month or 2. if I can save a lot of Gs with a better groupset, ill do it.


  • Ribble site has weights for a lot of stuff they sell.
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    TBH you're wasting your time going for Tiagra over Sora - it's still not 10 speed so isn't future proof in that respect. Static weight like the gear shift levers and front mech is of no consequence whatsoever - maybe the crankset is but that's hardly going to be of critical importance when you're just talking about going up one level.

    If you want a cheap groupset for a winter frame, look around and see what's left of the old Campag Xenon groupsets - these have been phased out but are 10 speed so you can always put a Veloce cassette/front mech/rear mech etc on in the future.
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    Not weighed them myself but I remember someone telling me Sora's were the lightest shifters Shimano made.
  • Chainset and front and rear mechs will work with 9 speed or 10 speed, or 8 speed for that matter. It`s only the cassette, chain and shifters that make it 9 or 10 speed.
    Jens says "Shut up legs !! "

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