Fast rolling/Grippy trade off HighRoller and Larsen. Good???

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I'm wondering if a High Roller DH 2.35 front tyre and a Larsen XC rear will give me a a fast but grippy combination for dry hardpack in summer to mud in winter? Would it work? Anyone had any experience with these tyres? I've had High Rollers before on my old bike but what about Larsens?


  • Hi Rob,

    I ride with this combo and have found it fantastic! HR 2.35 upfront and a 2.0 Larsen at the rear. The Larsen is still pretty grippy but rolls nice and quick. A DH racer who uses this setup recommended the combo to me.

    As long as the front tyre gets the grip the rear will follow and even if the rear does slide a little you just hold on and ride through it.

    Overall I found it a good XC combo, grippy enough in wet, dry and snowy conditions and fast rolling.

    Hope it helps!

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    Mrs B's yeti came with this combo as standard. When it gets greasy and muddy, she found the larson let go so we fettled around and ended up with a HR on the rear and Shwalbe Nobby nic on the front. Rolling resistance really isn't bad (although if we were riding more hardpack, we'd probably swap the tyres out with the conditions)
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    Larsen's good on hardpack but rotten on anything damp, I had grip issues with a pair at a rainy glentress, and that's hardly a tough surface. Wouldn't recommend it- sure it's good at what it's designed for but there are others that do the same better, without such a bi drawback. The Kenda Small Block fills the exact same role but is far better- faster, and can deal with a wider range of conditions.
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  • This was the combo that origianlly came with my Commie. I chnaged the Larsen for an Ignitor as it was too slippy. As Yukon Boy said, when going downhill, as long as the front has the grip the back tends to follow. However my problem was going uphill. Even when weighted the Larsen didn't always hook up and I was often spinning the back wheel.
  • Thanks for advice everyone :) Seems like I'm not the only one who thought of it. I'll be ordering them this week