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Compatibility of XT shifter with Tiagra C/set and front mech

theboykidneytheboykidney Posts: 95
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Hi everybody,
I'm a first time bike builder and Im down to what i hope is my last big problem.
Im building a flat barred road bike. I have Tiagra crankset (double) and Tiagra front derailleur. Problem is I have XT shifters so the pull ratio is all wrong.
Ideally I'd like to keep the shifters so it means Im after a new front derailleur thats compatible with XT shifters.
Does anyone know if such a thing exists?


  • Either a shimano R440 or R770, both are available to suit 50/52 tooth chainrings and work with flat bar shifters. You could probably get a mountain bike front derailer to work as well with a bit of friggin about.
    Dolan Preffisio
    2010 Cube Agree SL
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