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Hi there. I'm after putting together a cheap ss bike to use as a work hack (with a bit of trail fun too). I need a bit of help with what chain and chainring to run!

The plan was to buy one of Superstars PRO Wide Sprocket Singlespeed Kit sets for the rear: ... cts_id=266

But what chain and what 32t chainring? Can I use a normal 9sp 32t chainring and chain?

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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    You can do yes, but if your buying them your better off getting an unramped/unpinned ss specific chainring. I use mine with an 8 speed chain as I had one spare & there doesn't seem any real compelling reason to use an ss specific chain.
    Saying that though I have previously used a normal 32t with a 7 speed chain & again it seemed to work fine.
  • Spot on, thanks for the advice. Could you recommend a chainring? I'm thinking of starting with a 32t on the front and 16t on the back, and see how I get on.
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    I use a Salsa ring on mine :wink:
    I did get it heavily reduced from an LBS as it was a weird bcd, but I had a crank it fitted so it worked out good for me.
    Seems its a popular ss chainring as the ss shop below sells them. ... ocart4.htm
  • Brilliant, thanks for that. Looks a good shop.

    SS specific rings seem to be twice the price of normal (Shimano) rings. Hope they last!
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    it is worth going to a 1/8" setup for the extra strength.

    Gusset rings are very nice, i tend to use the connex Z1-star anti rust chains because they last and last and last.

    32-16 is good for off-road, but can be a little spinny on the roads.
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    it is worth going to a 1/8" setup for the extra strength.

    Almost for the sake of it :wink: I'm gonna chime in and disagree with that

    I'm not a treetrunk thighed monster but I ride a fair bit of SS and have never managed to break a 3/32" chain. Recently I ordered a new chain (for a new bike) and CRC delivered a 1/8" instead of teh 3/32" I ordered. I stuck it on the scales .... twice the weight of the 3/32" one :shock: although to be fair it was a very chunky build aswell.

    up to you but IMO a 3/32" KMC chain is all you'll need.
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  • Thanks for the input everyone. Here's to some SS'ing soon :)