Maxxis Minion ust or High Roller or kenda nev 2.35?

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Im running tubeless on my zesty but im debating between these tyres. Any feedback would be great thanks. :lol:


  • lawman
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    if you want minions you'll have to have a 2.5 as they dont make tubeless 2.35.
    personally id run a 2.35 LUST highroller at the front and a 2.1 LUST highroller at the back
  • vdu7x
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    Same conundrum here. Using Panaracer Trailrakers at the moment but thinking ahead to better weather. The Maxxis tyres get great reviews but they look very heavy. Almost 1Kg more if you replace both Conti's with them. The LUST's look alot better but are apparently fragile, but I think the suggestion above may be what I try next. The 2010 Nobby Nic is getting some good reviews too so may be worth a try?
  • Northwind
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    Standard (ie non UST) Nevegals seal up well but the sidewalls are a little thin- they don't puncture all that easily but when they do, they don't seal easily, I've had to do a couple of internal patches. Still, I like 'em, they're my standard tyre choice really. Oh, Kenda do say not to use sealant in them, which I've totally ignored without any issues so far.
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  • nferrar
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    On my Zesty I use a 2.35 Kenda Blue Groove (non-UST) on the front and a 2.25 Maxxis Advantage on the rear (non-UST). I run them both tubeless and had no real issues sealing them and they've stayed up ever since. They work well as an 'all round' combo (too much faff more me changing tubeless tyres for summer/winter). Obviously you compromise a bit of speed in summer and grip in winter though.