2002 m4 stumpy - upgrade or replace

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big conundrum that i'd love some comments on:

stumpy m4 2002 with 80mm forx and LX/XTR mix.

love the ride and the frame, so kind of loathe to get rid, but all the main components are in need of replace.

so either i buy - new drive train, new wheels, add discs, and somehow find a fork that wont bugger the geometrey


i buy a new stumpy / fsr. i bought mine for 1250 7 yrs ago, so kind of think for same money i can get something new and better

any opinions gratefully received.


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    I'm currently running an Enduro 02 frame on 100mm forks with 20cm of spacing at the top (although I have since lowered this to 10cm). Its probably <3mm shorter wheel base as a result.

    You can probably ebay it for 200-300 quid, But I don't think you could get something better for 1250 today, by comparison. It really depends if you want it to last another couple of years. In which case spending 800 quid on upgrades might not be great.

    Unless the wheels are bent I would leave alone, have you thought about getting the forx refurbed? Then its just a new groupset.
  • its tricky. and there are stumpy HT carbon framed bikes out there in sale for 1500.

    how did you tweak the forks?- i've seen ones you can dial down to 100 but they are generally $$$
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    I bought the frame and rear shock off a mate for 75 quid and transplanted the components from my marin on to it. The marin had 100mm solo air toras which were a recent upgrade. It also had a much longer steerer tube, which I didn't want to cut down too much

    I tweaked the spacing by moving a 10mm spacer above the stem.