Gary Fisher Roscoe 1

Jimchoc Posts: 18
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Looking at a Roscoe 1 for my first full susser - anyone got one? Is it really as good as the reviews say. The finishing kit is a bit weak but the frame, forks and rear can look the biz.

Will be long distance riding as well as hitting the Wales trails - does it climb well?



  • leon69
    leon69 Posts: 53
    freind of mine says the clim like a goat :P (fast and easy )

    would love one but cant get my head round the price V's other bikes better finishing kit

    But if you got your eye on one then yess I'v been told its awsom
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  • Jimchoc
    Jimchoc Posts: 18
    Cheers Leon - saw a Roscoe for good money and considering the price hikes on 2010 bikes thought this would be a great value and can always upgrade components as they wear out, climbs like a goat is what I want to hear