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Specialized Rockhopper

rob13rob13 Posts: 430
edited January 2010 in MTB general
Thinking about selling my Rockhopper. For some reason, I've never really taken to it, yet I dont know why as they always come out top or somewhere near there in reviews. I think the fact that I havent bonded with it just means that I've not really done much mileage on it and now I'm thinking of getting rid. Its an 08 Disc but I'm not sure whether I should look to buy something else or just give up riding altogether? I wouldnt have thought that I would get something much different from any other hardtail?


  • popstarpopstar Posts: 1,392
    Sorry to say, but it looks there is problem with you not the bike. You definately didn't ride trails it seems to me. Riding along in the parks and pretending to do some fitness would put you off it am sure. But hiting some nice trails , thats where you realise all about MTB?

    I only hope you don't troll around and look for some attention? Head to MTB Rides or Routes forums ... there are many riders to join in your area!
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    I'll choose not put too much stake into someone's opinion who is admittingly terrible though
  • GraydawgGraydawg Posts: 673
    Only you can ultimately decide what you want to do.

    But suffice to say if you're not enjoying MTB'ing then dont do it - sell the bike and make a few quid out of something which is clogging your shed / garage up.
    It's been a while...
  • rob13rob13 Posts: 430
    Popstar I would say that post was pretty unwarranted?? You have no idea what kind of use I've had from the bike, and needless to say its been used ON trails in my local area. I'm not a "Towpath kind of guy" but after being into MTB's years ago and coming back, I guess I was expecting something different. Maybe I made the wrong choice in bike or to come back.

    Believe me, I have much better things to do than just troll around on a forum. A very odd post to make when I was genuinely asking for opinions from others who may have also found they made the wrong choice of bike.
  • RichMTBRichMTB Posts: 599
    Popstar clearly loves his Rockhopper!!

    I remember when I bought my first full sus. Up to that point I had only ever ridden hardtails but wanted to give full sus a go. My first impression were terrible, I thought the bike felt sluggish, no snap, didn't pedal well but then I realised I was riding it like a hardtail and that my expectations of what it could do were based upon my previous experience of hardtails. But after trying a few new trails and learning how a full sus should be ridden it "clicked" and I've never looked back

    Maybe you've got similar expectations of your Rockhopper, maybe your riding it like your old bike, maybe your expectations of what it can do are too high?

    Maybe you should think about what you want out of your riding, is it fitness or thrills? If its thrills are you riding the right bike in the right places to get them.

    Ultimately only you can decide, if its not for you then you will know
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  • tjwoodtjwood Posts: 328
    A good chef isn't a good chef because of his saucepans.
    A good writer isn't a good writer because of his pens.
    A good photographer isn't a good photographer because of his camera.

    Sure good tools help but if you don't enjoy the work itself then new tools won't help that.
  • mancjonmancjon Posts: 53
    Popstar, that really is a stupid post. Does it really matter how Rob uses his bike, if he doesn't like it he doesn't like.

    I have a trek 8000 and i use it on trails, towpaths, roads etc. ie. i just cycle it anywhere and i love it. I enjoy messing around in the park just as much as trails.

    And if someone else has an mtb, only ever uses it on towpaths and loves it then good on them, it's all about enjoying the bloody thing.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If you don't like the ride or geo, then I wouldn't ride it either.

    Lots of variety out there.
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