Which tubeless rims

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I'm a total convert to tubeless having been lucky to buy a bike with Mavic UST rims, these wheels are reaching the end of their life and would like to know if Stans rims run tubeless tyres as well as a say a Mavic UST rim.

Are their any issues running Stans rims?

I only run Tubeless or tubeless ready tyres having had issues converting standard tyres with rim strips.


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    Well so far i've not had any issues with my Olympics..best rims i've had to date....although i will prob go with the Alpine or Crest if i do another set of hoops. Tubeless(UST) and tubeless ready are what they are designed for and i've never had any problems with the set up. Previous hoops were Mavic Crossmax.
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    Thanks for that was not sure if they had been designed for converting conventional tyres rather than tubeless
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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but trying to figure out in my head tubeless I've been searching and reading for hours. This thread isn't too big and mentions the rims I am interested in.

    I currently have Mavic XM317s. I could go for the conversion kit, the videos seem to make it look easy(ish) but I know for a fact I'd end up getting sealant into the brake calipers, up my nose and into the dishwasher as I'm rubbish at things like this, I messed up putting helicopter tape on my bike FFS :)

    Anyway, I've also heard issues surrounding the tyres coming off the rims at lower pressures and the burping issue, which is, I assume, where the tyre loses the seal momentarily allowing a quick escape of air.

    Now if I were to save up for a new set of rims as a treat upgrade in the future, I was thinking along the lines of a Stans ZTR Alpine or 355, or possibly something from Mavic like the XM819 UST (heavier I assume) do Mavic do any UST rims lighter than this?

    I would probably look at a tubeless version of say a Nobby Nic / Racing Ralph 2.1 on the back, maybe even thinner? and either a tubeless or normal 2.25 NN on the front.

    Now, just so I understand the UST version of the Rim, the Alpine has a lower sidewall, larger internal area. But what does it mean where it says it only requires yellow tape, and doesn't require rimstrip? The rim strip is heavier/thicker I assume? the yellow tape just covers the spoke part of the rim?

    Will the shorter sidewall of the Alpines cause any issues with narrower tyres?

    Sorry for all the questions, first time I' had come across tubeless this evening, and it really intrigues me, I hate getting punctures, which I haven't had any on this bike yet, but I undoubtedly will in the future.

    Oh, and just in case my riding style, weight might have an influence on what I should be looking at, I ride mostly XC, I don't do jumps or gnarly rock gardens, I like a nice gentle XC slog uphill with an easy downhill fast section as reward :) I weight in the region of 80 - 85kg with my bag on I;d say.

    Thank you,