First commute today after snow and ice has gone but...

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Hi all,

I decided too/ from work today now the snow and ice has gone. This is really the first cycle ride I have had since before Xmas snow and black ice came. So I set off for my usual 8 mile sprint to work, I was pleased that the roads were dry and frost free, imagine my surprise after turning off one of the main roads I was met with road closed due to flooding!

I thought it can't be that bad... How wrong I was and what a time to find this out as i ran out of momentum with bike submerged beneath me in about 3 foot of water, where the cold river soar had broken it banks...

I found out that carbon spesh bg road shoes are not very waterproof even with overshoes when your feet are under water! Your feet soon warm up using the wet suit principal that as the water in your shoes warms so do your feet!

I dried out my shoes socks at work by filling them with newspaper so all was good for the ride home by another route (seemed twice as far!) by the non river route!!

On the positive side my new magicshine front light is mighty, I can recommend whole heartedly!! As I can now see where I'm going down unlight lanes.. Great!

I have one question a long long long cue of none moving cars waiting (due to floods on other route) at a junction with traffic lights, do I/you-

(a) wait in line for maybe 3-5 minutes gradually moving towards the traffic lights?

(b) Look behind you, and ensure nothing Is coming towards you and pull out to overtake the que to get to the front( why do drivers look in thier mirror to see you do this and pull right next to the center line of the road?)

or thirdly with a little of (a) too, just try and squeeze your way to the front on the left of the cars (there isn't a left turn, I wouldn't do this if there was)

What do you do in this situation??

Also situation 2- parked cars on the left with short spaces without cars in intervals, road not wide enough for oncoming car and car overtaking parked cars to pass... I find I can easily slip along on the left past all parked cars, but then a car come from behind me and decides to overtake me... Guns it, then finds a car coming in other direction, then the driver stands on the brakes, pulling infront of me just behind a parked car on the left, blocking me in as I have nowhere to go but to stop behind the overtaking car... This can happen three or four times on this stretch as I catch up again and again... What do you do as I find this really anoying as they slam on the brakes and force me to the kerb?


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    May be worth taking your cranks off and drying out the bottom bracket - trapped water could wreck the bearings.

    There's nothing to prevent you overtaking a row of stationery / slow moving vehicles on the right provided its safe to do so i.e. not obstructing oncoming traffic or crossing a solid white line.
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