Boardman Comp XL suitable for 6ft3 rider?

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I’ve used checked a few size guides and have used a fit calculator and they seem to suggest a 60cm bike would be the best fit for me. However, the Boardman Comp XL is only 58cm.

I wondered if anyone around 6ft3 has the Boardman Comp XL, or tested it? – and if it is suitable for them.



  • The XL should be ok, I tested a large and I am 6 foot, but I have weird proportions, and that was slightly on the big side. You should really go try one out, as I did, but changed my mind about it. It all depends on your propotions.
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    yes its the right size.
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    I reckon it might be too small, the headtubes for instance are tiny on the Boardman's. I'm about your height and struggle to find road frames to fit me properly.
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    Go and sit on one, but I think it will be fine.
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    Hi im 6f 6 and have always ridden 58cm even when 60s are available i think 58 is fine.
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  • I recently got the Limited Ed Team Carbon and from memory the frame sizes are the same across the board. I'm 6'4 and the XL was the one that fitted me so I'd say that it would be fine for you, but you'll only know if you go and sit on it and ask them to make the adjustments you feel it needs to make it fit you. I was lucky in that Halfords ordered in an XL to try for size and when I went to try it I borrowed their allen keys, put the bike in a display stand and set it up to my preference.
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    Cheers for the answers
  • I'm 6ft 5 and have the Pro Carbon which as previously mentioned is pretty much the same sizing wise.

    I've found that the frame was ok but the Ritchey seatpost was short and had to buy a longer one.

    All good now though!
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  • 58cm might be the actual seat tube length on the Boardman XL bike.

    You need to add something, maybe 5cm, to find what the length of the seat tube would be if the frame had a horizontal top tube.

    It may be better to look at the length of the top tube and the head tube when considering frame size. In any case, always try for size before you buy!
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    the seat tube is 57.5 cm top 58.5cm head 18.5cm
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    I'm 6'4" and have the XL. I have a long torso, and only 33" inside leg, and find the XL fine for me.

    Not many Halfords will let you test ride it (!), but I went to a Bikehut (in Dorking) and they were very happy for me to take it out for a spin.