New singlespeed freewheel or dedicated hub?

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I've just broke the freewheel on my On-One Inbred singlespeed. As I was powering up a hill at speed when it gave way I ended up falling over the front of the bike, hitting the curb and breaking my collar bone (only 400yds from home).

Its the 2nd freewheel I've broke on the bike, last time I was off road so ditched into a hedge with no injurys. Now either my pedaling technique is wrong, I'm maintaining the freewheels wrong or I'm buying cheap crap. Whatever it is I need to replace the freewheel. This one was a Shimano 16t freewheel, the one before came with the bike. Have been looking around and noticed Hope now do a singlespeed hub (I run Hope hubs on my other 2 MTBs) as do Chris King which seem to run their own ratchet systems. Would these hubs be better than just replacing the freewheel or can you get high quality freewheels?


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    If you want a dedicated hub, then either the Hope or Chris King will be good. They use cassette style cogs rather than freewheel. The Chris Kings sound lovely, but price wise, I'd be looking at the Hope's.
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    White Industry's do the best freewheels, bit pricey but cheaper than a new hub. ... heels.html
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    Cheers for that, quick google and fould it for £67 for the white industries freewheel. Not to bad. £65 for the TryAll one (is this more trials based?).

    These guys seem to recomend the White Industries one: ... ocart5.htm

    Not quite a pie predator (as descride on their website), but am 6" 4' and 15st with kit on so this should do me.

    About half price of new hope hub with cog. Considering the Inbred is meant to be my winter cheap bike to run new freewheel seems best I guess.

    Thanks for replys.