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Saddle Clamp Paint Pinching

sonny73sonny73 Posts: 2,203
edited January 2010 in Workshop
Following on from hearing a slight crack noise when I undid my saddle clamp the other day (as mentioned in another thread) I popped in to my LBS for them to take a precautionary look.

They said it looked like the thread on the screw caused the noise and the carbon was fine, though right between where the saddle clamp clamps, the paint on the edge of the frame has been pinched over time and as such come away a bit; basically when its clamped to the right setting you can see the paint arch out away from the carbon on the rim, where the frame stops to meet the seat post.

So my question's, has anyone else had this? Is there anyhting I need to keep an eye out for safety wise, or that I can do to patch it up; or is that unnessary?
I didn't think to ask the guys in the LBS at the time, as it was a free check and they were busy.

The bikes and 08 Tarmac Comp and sorry if the questions seem a bit thick :wink:


  • nononononono Posts: 15
    sounds like you should be riding your bike - a lot
    then you won't have so much time to think over silly things
  • sonny73sonny73 Posts: 2,203
    :lol: wise words spoken wisely, as my good lady would say I am being a little precious I guess, its just a wee bit o paint, but just thought I'd check it out :wink:
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