First road bike, plus mudguard/rack compatibility ! :)

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Beginner looking for some advice please! Have been cycling on a hybrid Ridgeback Speed, but am thinking of getting a road bike. I'm thinking of spending £500-£600 & ideally would like a road bike that can be fitted with mudguards & a rack.

I've been looking at these 3 which are within budget:

Specialized Allez 16 2010 roadbike

Trek 1.1 2010 road bike

Pinnacle Sentinal 1.0 road bike (2009/2010)

I've heard good things about the Allez but apparently the Pinnacle is mudguard/rack compatible. Only the 2010 model doesn't seem to be available on Evans anymore when I search.
Does anyone know if the Trek and the Specialized can be fitted with mudguards/rack?

Please has anyone any advice for someone looking to buy their first road bike? Or any other recommendations?

Thanks :)


  • Hi chap have a look at the Dawes sportif the 2009 models will be on sale in a few weeks im sure and they are great bike they come with mudguards as standard and you can fit a rack no problem.I think the cheaper version is the red frame model hope this helps