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Drinks advice please!

clarkie28clarkie28 Posts: 134
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Good evening everyone!

On a ride, what drink do you have in your bottle? Water, a fruit squash or do you use a hydration powder drink of some sort?

Likewise post ride, does anyone bother with a recovery drink of some kind, or do you again, just have water or a squash?

If at all, can you recommend some good sports drinks, and do you tend to stick to the same brand for pre and post ride drinks?

Thanks so much in advance

Clarkie :)


  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Normal rides < 50 miles, just strong squash.

    For longer rides & sportivs, Nuun tablets are the answer. Google them. They don't taste great (avoid the lime flavoured ones) but do the job, and it means that you don't have to carry pints of fluid on board; just buy water en route and chuck a tab in your drinks bottle with it.

    Post ride - water, cup of tea or stronger. Nothing fancy though.

    Always set off on a decent length ride well-hydrated before you start - that was a good tip I picked up once. Easy to overlook it in the rush at the start of an event.

    This is all for my non-competitive riding mind. Some racing snake will be along soon to explain that you need a carefully balanced mix of fluids & rehydration. He's probably right.
  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    On a typical 35 - 50 mile ride I would have 500 ml of sugar free orange squash and 500 ml of plain water. I tend to get my energy bursts from solids rather than liquid. I have tried some of the satchet energy mixes, but I can't say they were particularly enjoyable or refreshing. They don't suit some people's sensitive stomachs either. I might look into making my own energy drinks in the spring/summer.

    Sports drinks are normally for pre or post ride, but I just normally take on water after a ride quite honestly. Although this weather it tends to be a cup of tea and a large slice of Christmas cake!

    Coincidentally it was only yesterday that my dentist warned me against fizzy sports drinks. They eat teeth, so be warned.
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  • coxy84coxy84 Posts: 45
    usually just squash on training rides, but did jogle last year and had SIS powder
    to mix with water.we had one for during riding and a recovery one which werent
    too bad. but beer is the best :D
  • Im not that racing snake!

    But regardless of the weather i tend to sweat a fair bit! in spinning classes with my uni team last year my shirt was ridiculous and i noticed i drink a good 3x what everyone else was drinking.

    I managed to get a couple of thanks to having my parents house and student house to order to. ;) but basically i use the energy drink elite, citrus it tastes like weak, cheap, lemon lime cordial but is nice when youve got the taste of wasps and flies in your mouth. and another one of the 750ml just of straight water.

    for me that lasts a good 2 hours or so. i do neck a few glasses of water before leaving. I usually take some fruit with me too, i do think supplements work, and work well though ive never been one for artificial things going into my body as i fear that i might start to favour them and not be able to function without them, and well thats not the point of fitness in my eyes. or it may just be my obsesive compulsive self at play.

    After hard sessions, a good recovery drink is something i do favour and a nice square meal within the hour. rehydrate in the 15minutes after. Those are a few crucial points i find. It helps me get out of bed quickly and not be aching so much the next day.

    Just my 2pence.
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  • bigal.bigal. Posts: 479
    Very similar to the above posts in that I tend to use just water for rides under 30 miles. Rides from 30 - 50 miles I will carry 1 bottle of High 5 carb drink and 1 bottle of water and then then anything above 50 miles generally 2 bottles of High 5 carb drink.

    Have a look hear.

    If I am doing a 100 mile + then I will pre-load with a carb drink before setting off and use SIS Rego when I get back.
  • oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
    Similar to others, up top 50 miles, usually just a bottle of squash.
    For longer rides one squash and one with energy drink from my protein, its the only one I can cope with.
    yeras ago I just used to use glucose powder mixed with weak squash used for bit of flavour, very cheap energy drink :D
    The tt energy drink from my protein can be used for recovery drink also.
    I also use smoothies as recovery drink, banana and strawberry or grapes.
    Just as good for recovery are orangejuice/water mixes.
    For the marmotte I took extra bottel in pocket which was orange juice, wayer with some salt but do not do that for normal rides :D
  • Short rides or long winter rides I have just squash (one bottle). Summer rides I have one squash with a pinch of salt and a small amount of sugar and one bottle of water (I find that I need the water to quench my thirst as the squash makes me more thirsty).
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I use just plain water for up to 90 mins

    Then use Torq Energy Drink (carbs+electrolytes) from then on mixing with any water I had left. If I don't get my carbs in then I find I run out of steam at about the 150min mark. I also eat the Torq bars if I need a big energy boost. Taking in these carbs stops the muscles being broken down and used as an energy source. Also taking in carbs helps your immune system at this time of year even more so.

    After a ride I take an all in one recovery drink like Reflex One Stop or Boditronics Profusion Reloaded both contain Bioperine which has been proven to help cyclists greatly.

    I had my food intakes measured by a sports scientist friend of mine and I must admit I had my doubts, taking all this calories on board both during and after I thought I would be gaining weight but after 8 months riding I went from 21 stone to 15 stone using the above combo. Of course if you are a racing whippet then things may be very different for you.
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