Rockhopper SL pro vs Orange Crush

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Hi Everyone

I'm about to buy a hardtail and have almost decided on the Crush, I think.
I've been reading a few forums including this one and it's helped me a lot so thanks to all you MTB folk who seem to live here!

I'm going to be using the bike for mainly trails, I'm in Stafford so Cannock chase will be where it gets muddy most of the time. I've used to ride a lot (10+ years ago) but that was before I got a car but I've decided it's time to get back into it :)

I'm leaning towards the Crush firstly it's an Orange and I've always wanted an Orange but mainly because of the fox forks, I I'm likely to be an aggessive rider when I find my pedals again. The wheels are my only concern but I may upgrade and keep the origanals for comuting & around town.

I also like the look of the Cube ltd but I've not been able to see one in the flesh yet but I've sat on both the rockhopper & the crush. The crush seemed a little heavier than the rockhopper can anyone confirm the weights?

Oh and what size frame do I need? :roll: :lol:




  • LoUiS1985
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    Oh and what size frame do I need?

    you say you have sat on them both, well that should give you a vague idea of what they feel like, but to give you a clear picture, try them both out properly and see what size fits you best's not good me telling you to get a small / medium / large frame because what's comfy for me may not be for you!!..... :wink:

    Also i prefer the fox fork over the RS, i prefer its ''plusher'' feel......although the army of RS fans will be here in a minute to tell you RS are better...... :lol:
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    One bike has 140mm fork, the other 100mm and is lighter - bit of a difference.

    Do you need that much travel?
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    LoUiS I was kidding about the what size question :D I was quite surprised to see it asked so much tbh but thanks for the answer. I'm going for a 17"

    Regarding how much travel I need I don't know really as I never had a shock on the front before, it was a long time ago and they were too expensive for me at the time. I like going downhill fast and I'm the kind of person to be the one to try something first then think about it after and this has landed me a few broken bones (and frames) in the past :roll:

    Anyone know of any shops that let you demo either bike? ideally localish to Stafford.

    Supersonic what do you think of the cube ltd?

  • Ash77
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    Well it seems Orange have sold all the Crush 2010 first batch anyway so I won't be able to get one until april now unless I can find one in stock somewhere.

    If anyone knows where I can get a 17" Crush let me know.

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    Also take a look at the Genesis Core 50 and 40: ... e-ec021333 ... _29747.htm

    They lie in between the Orange and Spesh in terms of travel, and with the more basic model has travel adjust. The former though has the highly regarded Revelation Race wiith 20mm bolt thru axle and a good wheelset.
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    Have you looked at the Charge Blender or Duster?

    The Blender is a pretty hardcore bike that would be ace for short aggressive rides. The Duster is much more XC based.
  • supersonic wrote:
    The former though has the highly regarded Revelation Race wiith 20mm bolt thru axle and a good wheelset.

    Think it's a Recon Race isn't it?
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    Ha, so it is! Still a good fork, uses the Rev chassis but with solo air.
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    Now you've done it, more bikes to compare and try! :D

    What would be the preferred shocks to look for then? the Rev's?

    No comment on the Cube? They look good in the pics. Was quite tempted by this:

    Anyway thanks for the other tips, I have seen most of the suggestions already and got it down to those two now that’s in the air again now. Have a Crush now reserved and I can go and spend more time on that & the RH later this week. But until then I’m going to be looking at bike specs!

    Got a list of kit that I need too but I think I've got it all covered, can anyone point me in the right direction for a decent quality accessory click for the handlebar for a torch?

  • Could also take a look at the Whyte 901 or 905. 905 always gets great reviews and the 901 is it's baby brother.