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Hi, still finding my feet on my build, looking at cranksets now.

Are there any compatibility issues surrounding using say a Shimano crankset with amy SRAM X9 front & rear Derailleur's and shifters? And does the crankset manufacture have to match the cassette?

Looking at the Shimano XT and the SLX, which would you reccomend and what are the pro's and cons of each.

Thanks in advance


  • Andy B
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    No issues with what you want to do.

    eg I have a RaceFace chainset, KMC chain, XT cassette & front mech, X9 shifters & rear mech

    XT is a tad lighter, but more expensive than SLX
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    shimano quoted weights- slx: 889g
    xt: 853g

    crc prices: slx: £90
    xt: £128
    are you prepared to pay a pound a gramme in weight saving? if so, go for the xt. else, slx, its a good bit of kit. supersonic has been recommending a deore, so it might be worth comparing that too.
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    To add to that, Deore M590 is £50 at JE James - supposed to be lighter than the previous 950g incarnation.
  • Thanks, the Deore M590 seems to come out as the best value, but is it comparable to the SLX? Is is as robust, etc....
  • supersonic
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    Yep. SLX probably stiffer due to the hollow arms though.
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    Just bought a new M770 XT chainset + BB on fleabay for £97 delivered

    There's bargains to be had

    There's one on there just now with a buy it now for 109.99 + 3.99 delivery