get me 6inches in the sales please!

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Santa was very good to me this year; I bought myself an Ellsworth Moment :D
But everything is being done on the cheap so the frame was second hand, control points are coming off a Prophet that is being stripped down for parts or sold off.

Got a load of SLX transmission components cheap off Wiggle.

What I really want now is an adjustable travel 6" fork that is built on the light side, not the heavy freeride side of things. must be 1/8 steerer and really a QR hub as I am using an SLX front hub. Unless you know of a thru axle fork and a cheap compatable hub I could rebuild the wheel with?

First thoughts are here - Marz 55 Problem is I'd need a new hub with this fork.

Any help with deals you've seen is much appreciated!