Old frame modern groupset

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I'm thinking of taking an old frame with downtube shifters and converting it to have a modern groupset with sti's or ergo shifters. Would i be able to buy anything to convert the downtube shifter bosses to cable adjusters?


  • redvee
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    The cable stops/adjusters just screw onto the DT lever bosses.
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  • andrew_s
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    You'll also want a couple of patches to protect the paint on the side of the head tube where the gear cables will rub.
  • mmacavity
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    Drop outs might not be 130mm spacing for current 8,9 speed hubs.
  • Slow Downcp
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    mmacavity wrote:
    Drop outs might not be 130mm spacing for current 8,9 speed hubs.

    If it's steel, it will bend out easily enough though
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    I did this, completely revamped my Ribble bike from the nineties!! Now have 105/ultegra 10 speed set up,compiled via pro-bike, chain reaction cycles and e-bay. Cost a total of £130
  • Frame has 130mm spacing for a ten speed. Thanks for the help just what i wanted.
  • goosey
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    If you buy new sti shifters they may well include the cable stop adjusters to mount on the frame.