seized bottom bracket

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i cant get the bottom bracket cups out of my road frame they have been in 3 yrs, i took it to local bike shop and still no luck. they said i should put coke a cola down the seat stem and leave overnight which iam now doing. if it dont work i will have to find a frame specialist to try and remove it guess trek never use anti seize grease.


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    Use a torque multiplier
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    spray some plus gas down the seat tube and use a big bar.

    Or just take it to a bike shop that knows what they are doing.
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    I had a problem on my last bike - the shop tried but ended up recommending sending it off to their workshop for heat treatment - they suspected it had seized against the aluminium frame. I never did find out if that was the case as I changed bikes shortly after. It would have meant likely damage to the paint finish - be sure to check before leaving carte blanche decisions with your bike shop!

  • radiation man

    Have you tried clamping the BB cup(s) in a vice and moving the frame? You'll get a hell of a lot more leverage to get things moving.
    Failing that, there's always the option of pouring caustic soda down the seat tube... :wink:

    (Before the backlash begins, this is a joke. Don't really do this.)
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    From someone that's assembled and serviced a lot of Trek bikes, they were reknown for coming out the factory with grease-less BBs and headsets - we'd strip and rebuild anything that came fresh from the factory. Needless to stay stuck BBs and knackered headsets were quite common. In terms of the OP, depends on whether your have internal of external BB - for the latter, a big Stilsons wrench is good, but the cups won't be pretty afterwards!
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