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I've signed up to do a London to Paris. I've got the training to do and I'm hoping it will reignite an interest in regular cycling. I currently have a hybrid and as a youngster I never felt safe on a drop handlebar (does that phrase show my age?) I've been recommended a Wilier bike - no idea what model! Apparently less 'aggressive' riding position than some i.e. slightly more upright. Also told it will ride much easier on flat and hills than my current 'Specialized.' My budget is about £1,100. Advice appreciated. Thanks.


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    not meaning to fob you off but the road section would be the best place to get your advice.

    without knowing the specific model of the willier and your specialized its hard to agree or deny that one is more relaxed than the other.

    i have a allez and it is very upright and comfortable whereas the focus i just sold was very head down ar5e up and was fast but not good for long distances (for me atleast)

    as it happens a hybrid might just be the ticket, they tend to offer comfortable upright riding positions and believe me when i say the braes are a billion times better than road bike brakes.
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    what is the bike you currently have?

    what riding are you planning on doing long term?
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    Didn't even notice I was in the wrong section - newbie!! So thanks for that. Currently have a specialized Crossroad. Long term no idea. I'm aiming to achieve this target in May as the first step and then to maintain the training regime, which given the weather has only just started to be honest. Not the best time to try get into outdoors activity!!

    I will try to repost in Road section. Thanks