Forks for Ti 456

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I'm trying to choose which forks to get for the On One Ti 456 I'm building up and, while I'm leaning towards the new Revelation Team U-turn (Maxle Lites) I'm also thinking about 2010 Thors or some Fox Talas.

I know the Revs are meant to be good, but the Fox have a greater range of travel adjustment (and 10mm at a time seems a bit more sensible than 1mm) and the Thors are cheaper. Plus I'm not sure whether I'd find 100mm - 140mm more useful than 120mm - 150mm.

Any advice on whether the problems with Thor's (overly linear, etc) have been sorted for 2010?


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    I'd go for 2010 Revs myself, they are really very light this year and the Blackbox Motion Control is supposedly very very good. Plus there aren't the same servicing issues as with the Foxes. The Thors are, as you say, a bit of an unknown quantity.
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