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I borrowed a turbo off my mate the other day. Have had 2 sessions on it...think its excellent but have some worries.

It came with no instructions so I want to know how tight are you supposed to clamp the bike in? Should it be very loose so no flex of rear triangle? Or should it be quite tight? Obviously concerned as dont want to knacker my pride and joy (carbon frame - unsure if this makes a difference).

Also, how tight against the tyre should the roller be?

On my first go when I was doing some intervals I smelt burning rubber after a while when I was really caning it but to be honest my best efforts are still quite weak..my tyre was cold but the roller was really warm...is this normal?

Would appreciater some advice/reassurance that Im not about to snap my bike.


  • nanox
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    Which turbo do you have?

    For my Tacx Bushido I did the following (copied from the Tacx forum):

    1. Release the tension lever
    2. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise all the way
    3. Engage the tension lever
    4. Turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise until the roller touches the tire
    5. Release the tension lever
    6. Turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise 3 full turns (it helps to put a reference mark on the knob so you can keep track)
    7. Engage the tension lever (it will take a moderate amount of hand force)

    This gave me the correct calibration value..

    Don't know if other turbo's work this way as well..
  • mat*46*
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    I have the same query about how close the roler should be to the wheel!

    Can any 1 help?
  • Cheers, Ill check..not sure which one I have! All I know is I did a session before and was almost sick. Great way to exercise when its snowing.
  • Ive just been looking at the sufferfest vids.... one of the on screen instructions is "Get out of the Saddle".....

    Question...is i ok to get out of your saddle on a turbo. SUrely getting out illicits sideways movements and thus stress on the frame?
  • andyrr
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    Re resistance of the roller against the tyre - it should be at the point where the tyre doesn't slip on the roller when you try to give a very quick sharp push on the pedal.
    Pedal at a decent rate then give a quick stab on the pedals - mine is just about right when the resistance prevents the tyre from spinning against the roller.
    Too much or little and the tyre will blister and wear quickly. Turbo-specific tyres wear much better than normal tyres so a frequent user would ideally have a spare wheel with one of these fitted.
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    Ive just been looking at the sufferfest vids..

    Ohh, you brave brave man. :lol:

    Anyway, there was a discussion about carbon frames vs. trainers not too long ago. It seems that the majority says it is no problem. http://www.bikeradar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=15795096