First Carbon Road Bike (yikes spolit for choice) ??

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Currently riding a Trek 1.2 that i'm getting along fine with. Currently fitted with Crud Road Racer guards i've decided this will now be my 'winter bike' and i need to sort my act out and buy some carbon for next year (doing the L2P this year).

Slightly undecided amongst the following and i would appreciate any comments :-

Planet X SL Pro Carbon Special Euro Promo Build (in white)

Focus Cayo 105 (on sale with Wiggle)

Ribble Gran Fondo

Seen some nice pics of the Ribble on the my bikes section and it looks real pretty however i'd like to know how the bikes ride.

Intention is to use it for the L2P in June and for dry weekend rides.

Thks in advance.

I like shiny bikes - especially Italian ones.....!!


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    Do a search, there are hundreds of very similar threads.
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    I got my Cayo Expert last month, and its incredible! + they have reduced the price to £1600. :D