Mavic Stratos Under Short or similar.... recommendations??

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I'm looking to start getting back on out the bike soon as i took a few months out of riding when my riding buddy snapped his frame and couldn't afford a replacement - am now sorting out getting a few hours under my belt on the weekends but am wanting to do it with a little more comfort this time around.

I've seen the Mavic Stratos Under Short's reviewed in MBUK in recent months which seem decent enough but mavic's website is useless and offers no sizing information i can find.

Failing that, can anyone recommend me a decent set of padded shorts which will be good for 3-4 hours XC sessions to be worn under waterproofs?? I'm a size 36-38 waist for sizing info if it helps. Not really got a budget as such but would like to stay under £50 if possible.


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    endura do a padded boxer if this is what you are after.
    Padded bib shorts are good too, tenn-outdoors ones are ace for about £20. Lycra ones also do the trick as long as you have baggies over the top to hide them!
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    I bought Mavic Stratos shorts a few months ago in the Summer (remember that?) and they are soooooooo comfortable. Top quality and they look great.
    The undershorts are a pervy sort of fishnet but again they are very comfortable with a very good pad .
    Only downside is they are quite expensive, I got mine from Evans, £50 ish.
    I read a review on them somewhere which didn't really rate them , now I'm more inclined to make my own mind up or ask for unbiased opinions on a forum.
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  • guuuch - can i ask what size you bought and what waist size you take normally for trousers??