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Focus Culebro Cable ???

Speed_KingSpeed_King Posts: 510
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Hi all i brought recently an 09 Focus Culebro, Decent enough bike great groupset ,wheels etc..... But came across a snag when i changed the stem and and handlebars for some Ritchey wcs ones.
I didnt realise that unlike most racers i have where you get loads of excess cable this bike seems to have enough for a 90mm stem and i now have a 120mm Sitting in its place, how do i change the cable so i have enough right turn as atm i have limited right now??
My groupset is Ultegra Ice if tht helps? and the cable tht needs changing is the left side-rear brake one.

All help apreciated


  • Here is a pic of the bike, the cable i have prob with is the one you can see coming from the handlebars to the frame in a diagonal line
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    that looks tight - your only option is probably to replace the cable outer with a longer section...
  • balthazarbalthazar Posts: 1,565
    You will need to replace the cables and housing, which requires removing the bar tape and replacing it. Cables are available either singly, and housing by the length; or as a kit, including all you need. Check in your lbs.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    You will need to fit longer inner and outer cables which will entail re-taping the bars. The front one looks a bit tight too. I would change them both. Take the opportunity to try different positions for your bars and shifters before you re-tape.

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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Other than a new length of outer from shifter to frame there isn't much you can do apart from the shorcut I'm guilty of in the past. I untaped the bars for 3" and cut the outer cable back and added enough to make up for the lack of length and held the join in place on the bars with insulation tape then retaped the bars. I only used it like this for a short time until I could get a long enough piece of outer and had the time to do the job properly.
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  • cheers for the advice i already bought some new fiz'ik bar tape, i dont think i need to replace the inner cable on the tight one as the bike is brand new. Just the outer one, and the right hand-front brake is ok ta John T Its just the angle of the shot i took i have plently of room on that side , although thinking about it i may replace both so the are the same cable, i dont like things not the same! I could then keep the cable as a spare?
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    The inner may not be long enough. It is better to have the cables a bit too long rather than the other way.
  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 2,706
    As said, you will need to replace both inner and outer as the inner will not be long enough. Cut down your existing rear brake cables and you should be able to use them on the front to save the expense of two new sets.
  • Oh yeah silly me, of course i need ot replace both one isnt going to be longer than the other is it lol !!!
    Thanks John T for pointing out the obvious and yeah good idea smoking Joe i could save the inner as well and have a spare front cable set nice one mate cheers !!

    Have a good new year all !!!!!!!!!!
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