Factory built wheels v hand built

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Hi. Can someone tell me what the problem is with repairing factory built wheels? I,'m considering upgrading the original wheels on my Giant SCR2, and was originally going for RS20s, but I keep reading that hand built would be easier to fix. Is this really the case?


  • gundersen
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    a wheel is a wheel

    the problem is that many (not all) factory wheels use own brand parts that are not that easy to buy

    but like I said , if you got the parts, a wheel is a wheel and anybody can repair one
  • Chip \'oyler
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    Factory wheels tend to use their own versions of spokes etc, which means when things go wrong (after a crash etc) then you have to order parts in. Sometimes, needing just one spoke can mean buying a pack,

    With handbuilts most LBS should be able to replace a normal spoke easily, or service hubs etc

    There's usually not much difference in weights and performance between factory and handbuilts, but as mentioned, handbuilts, by and large, are less of a pain to service and repair
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